Make the First 10 Minutes Count :
The first ten minutes sets the tone of the entire interview. You can help make sure it's a tone that works to your advantage. State everything as a positive, and display genuine enthusiasm. That shows you are interested, energetic and confident. Maintain a Friendly and Professional Demeanor Be accessible and open, but always professional. Listen carefully to the questions being asked, and make relevant and concise responses. Stay on course with your answers, and provide specific examples whenever appropriate to reinforce the points you are making.

Bring Resumes :
Bring along some extra resumes, in a folder, with your name on the label. They will have use for them if and when the process goes to the next step, and it makes the point that you're organized and prepared.

Ask Permission to Take Notes :
It implies that you are very interested in the position and the company, and it shows clearly that you are well organized, detail oriented and thorough.

Answer Questions Confidently :
Even the toughest questions can be handled with poise and confidence. Don't try to hide weaknesses in your experience or difficult relationships in your work history. Never dwell on the negative, and put a positive, but honest spin on things. In describing even the worst experience you've had, you can emphasize what you have learned from it, as opposed to that awful things happened. Remember no one is perfect, and that goes for job candidates too. You need to make the most of what you have, and a positive approach will help immeasurably.

Interview them :
Ask key questions. By asking them to describe the position you're applying for, you'll learn their priorities, and you'll have some clues about which points on your resume to emphasize. Ask them about the first two or three projects you'll be involved with. Ask about their goals for the person in this position. This is what you prepared your list of questions for.

Closing the Interview :
Now is the time to be candid, but polite. If you like what you heard in the interview, let them know that. Reiterate how you can contribute to their organization and how you can help them meet their stated goals. Let them know how you think you would fit in with the corporate culture, and how interested you are in the position, now that you know more about it. Ask them what's next. This let's them know that you're interested enough to want a second interview, or to go to the next step. Leave the room on an upbeat, friendly and comfortable note. You may have just made some new friends and colleagues.

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